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Brittany occupies a large peninsula to the north-west of France. Historic Brittany has now become the region of Bretagne. Brittany boasts a staggering 1,700 miles of coastline and is one of France’s top destinations for tourism and seaside holidays. It’s no surprise then that thousands of tourists flock to the area of Brittany every year and a great way to get the most out of the area is to camp.

Camping in Brittany

Camping in Brittany can be enjoyed on the many campsites with your own equipment or you can hire ready erected super tents or mobile homes. Touring caravans are also welcome at most campsites in Brittany but it makes sense to book in advance as the popular campsites tend to be fully booked especially in the peak season. If you haven’t got you own camping equipment and want the experience of camping in Brittany then you can hire ready erected super tents. These tents are fully equipped (click on our accommodation type) tab and select super tents for more details. The mobile homes are a great way to experience camping in Brittany as you have the freedom of a camping experience with the creature comforts of home. Camping is a great way for your family to enjoy the wonderful area of Brittany.

Brittany’s Beaches.


Brittany's beaches are places where you can just relax, or enjoy sports and activities. Little coves and long stretches of fine sand or pebbles, the beaches are places to enjoy a real sense of freedom and they are open to everybody. Brittany's beaches have remained unspoiled but also provide supervised swimming areas and clubs for children. Families will want to take full advantage of the wide open spaces, whilst taking their time over sandcastle contests, shell collecting, sunbathing, picnics and swimming. At the beach there's something for everyone, even if you can't swim! Sporty types won't be left out, with a huge number of water.

Brittany’s best beaches.

The 'Grands Sables' beach at Groix, the 'Anse du Verger' at Saint Coulomb, Langoz beach at Loctudy, the 'Grève des Curés' at Trégastel, the 'Blancs Sablons' at Le Conquet, the 'Mine d'or' at Pénestin, 'Pen Bron'

Brittany a water sport's paradise.


Boasting no less than 2700 kilometers of coastline, swept over by regular winds, Brittany definitely deserves its reputation as a water-sport's paradise. Thanks to the extreme variety of settings, there is almost no limit to the possibilities. Beginners can meander in a kayak from one island to another, and the next day try an introductory course for sailing in one of the numerous sailing-schools of the region. Experienced surfers will discover best spots, frequently visited by the greatest champions.

Brittany’s Gastronomy.

Brittany is famous for crêpes served with cider, seafood washed down with Muscadet wine and top-class veg and butter.

Brittany’s Golf courses.


All year round, Brittany´s golf courses offer you the very best! Whether by the seaside or in the country, Brittany´s golf courses offer breathtaking scenery, warm hospitality and high-quality facilities. Brittany´s golf courses blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings and welcome both beginners and experienced players. The courses are superb, original, and technical all at the same time.

Fishing in Brittany.

Brittany truly is the top fishing region. Colorful flottillas of trawlers, endless shores washed over by powerful tides, running streams along shady banks, peaceful ponds in between rivers and the sea: everything seems to have been created in the sole purpose to attract the angler. Breton waters are characterised by a great diversity of fish species, and the presence of a variety of noble fish. The coast, unfurling over 2370 km, offers countless spots for fishing. Changing from hidden creeks to jagged cliffs or long, white sandy beaches, the Breton coastline suits any kind of fishing pleasure. Anywhere you choose to cast your line, places never look the same with the tides coming in and out several times a day.

Even the colours of the sky above are continuously changing. Put you might prefer climbing through the rocks with your children, searching for all these tiny marine creatures, hidden in each and every little whole. In the inland, you can enjoy the calm, preserved nature while teasing the roach. The network of imposing or quiet rivers and streams, gives shelter to 35 species of fish. So, go and meet the wild salmon and the fabulous carp! Adventure is waiting there for everyone, along the rivers or the seaside. Guided fishing-journeys on the open sea, lessons or internships are provided mostly everywhere.

Walking in Brittany.


Walking in Brittany awakens all the senses and opens your eyes to sights that would otherwise go unnoticed. Individually, in a couple, with the family or a group of friends, Brittany reveals its beautiful landscapes to whoever follows the well-marked trails that crisscross the region. Over thousands of kilometres, trails guide you along the coast and through countryside taking in fords and rivers and across moors, forests and farmland.

Choose from three different types of route: the Grande Randonnée (GR) long-distance trails cross Brittany from north to south, east to west, and also follow the coastline. They are ideal for hiking over several days, but as they continue straight, you need to find a way of getting back to the starting point. They are marked with a white and red line. The most famous one is the old customs officer's path or the GR34 which follows Brittany's stunning coastline. The Grande Randonnée de Pays (GRP) are long-distance regional circuits that enable hikers to get back to their starting point. They are marked with a yellow and red line. Promenades et Randonnées (PR) are short-distance trails and are open to everyone for circular walks varying in length from one hour to a whole day; these are generally marked with a yellow line.

Cycling in Brittany.

There's no need to run a race though to appreciate the charms of the good old bicycle. You can choose to freewheel along véloroutes (designated cycle paths) and voies vertes (similar to bridleways) or take it easy on Vélo Promenades ® – way marked, quiet routes that are ideal for family trips. Mountain-bikers are equally well catered for and each of the four departments has marked routes for all levels. Veloroutes are long- to medium-distance itineraries. They guide you across Brittany, France, and even parts of Europe and use different lanes (for non-motorised traffic only), among which the nature trails known as voies vertes. The voies vertes, or nature trails, take cyclists right into the heart of Argoat, or rural Brittany. They follow old railway lines, towpaths and wooded lanes, and are for non-motorised traffic only. Mostly tarmacked, they are perfect for easy cycling. Bike hire is readily available throughout Brittany.